A crown (or cap) is an artificial cover used to restore the function and integrity of a tooth, improving both strength and appearance. Crowns are useful for protecting teeth that are cracked or broken, to change the shape or esthetics of a tooth, or to correct a bite problem.

Crowns are most often recommended for teeth that:

  • are endodontically treated (ie: root canaled) in the posterior
  • have large fillings
  • are severely worn or prone to breaking
  • are anchors for partial dentures

There are many materials that we can use to facbricate crowns (all porcelain, all metal, or a combination of both). If you require a crown, the materials and features of each type of crown will be discussed with you to determine which is best suited for your needs (esthetics, durability, and cost).

See the smile gallery for before and after photos of crowns.