The age old method of replacing teeth, dentures are an affordable way to rejuvenate any smile. Because they are removable appliances, they are not cemented in place and can be inserted or taken out as desired. There are two different kinds of dentures - acrylic dentures or cast dentures.

Acrylic dentures are less expensive and can replace a range of missing teeth. They tend to have a looser fit and rely on simply clasps or suction from the soft tissues of the mouth. They are a good option for patients who have no teeth in an entire arch, or expect the remaining the teeth to be extracted down the road as they can be easily added to the denture.

Cast dentures are custom designed to engage other teeth in the mouth for a more stable fit than acrylic dentures. They are slightly more expensive than acrylic dentures due to the extra effort and planning required to fabricated the dentures. These types of dentures require very stable surrounding teeth and good oral hygiene.

The type of dentures suitable for your situation can be discussed in detail. Call our office or book an appointment for more information.